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The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey


Studio  Apple Studios

Directors  Ramin Bahrani, Debbie Allen, Hanelle Culpepper, Guillermo Navarro

Producers  Samuel L. Jackson, David Levine, Walter Mosley, Diane Houslin,

Eli Seldon, Ramin Bahrani

Set Decorator  Beauchamp Fontaine

Budget $55 Million

Ptolemy Grey is a 91-year-old man forgotten by his family, by his friends, by even himself. On the brink of sinking even deeper into a lonely dementia, Ptolemy experiences a seismic shift when he's given the tremendous opportunity to briefly regain his memories, and uses this precious and fleeting lucidity to solve his nephew's death and come to terms with his past.

The story spans nearly nine decades and required many period sets, including the construction of a 1930s Mississippi town. Ptolemy's apartment, which plays a key role in the story, went through several transformations from the 1970s to present day.

Variety: The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

Series to be released in late 2022. Images available upon request.

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